Michigan M.D. Farid Fata sentenced to 45 years

by Kurt Schulzke

With a 45-year prison sentence for Medicare fraud weighing him down, it is safe to say that if former M.D. Farid Fata misbehaves in the future, he will do so entirely within the confines of the federal prison system. Not the happiest send-off for the weekend, to be sure. But it is good to see this kind of monster shackled thanks to a courageous whistleblower and and his expert legal team who brought Fata’s crimes to light. NBC reports:

Fata, 50, who is married with children, pleaded guilty in September to an array of criminal charges, including health care fraud, money laundering and seeking kickbacks. In court papers, prosecutors said he scammed more than 500 patients, telling some they had cancer when they did not, giving too much or improper treatment to those who did, and persisting with painful and dangerous chemotherapy treatments who no longer needed it.

This was no ordinary fraud case. Beyond bilking the government, Fata managed to permanently destroy the lives of numerous patients. More details in the video below.

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